If you are reading this blog post, chances are high that your Jaguar is in the limp mode– and you don’t know why. So what may prompt a vehicle to enter such a performance limiting mode and what can be done about it? These are a few questions that we will try to answer in today’s blog post. Let’s start with the basics. Let’s start by discussing the characteristics of limp mode.

Limp Mode In A Nutshell

Limp mode, also know as limp-home or fail-safe mode– is essentially a self preserving feature in modern cars. It springs into action when the onboard diagnostic system picks up a distress signal from one of the sensors. When your vehicle enters the limp mode;

  • Its engine power will reduce drastically
  • You won’t be able to accelerate it beyond a specific limit
  • Some of its features like AC and ESC will cease to function
  • Shifting beyond a specific gear ratio won’t be an option
  • Dashboard will be illuminated with a range of warning indicators and messages

In short, if your Jaguar enters limp mode, its performance and behavior will be adversely impacted but you will be able to drive it to the nearest service center. Listed below are some of the prominent reasons why a vehicle may get pushed into its self-preserving mode.

What Might Have Pushed Your Jaguar Into Limp Mode

Reason #1- Overheating

One reason why your Jaguar may enter limp mode is that the engine is running hot and on the verge of overheating. From a depleted coolant level to a clogged radiator; there can be many reasons why your Jaguar might overheat. Keep an eye on your engine temperature gauge and if it is displaying abnormally high readings, reach out to a nearby service center to get the issue diagnosed and fixed.

Reason #2- Defective sensor

When was the last time you had the sensors in your Jaguar checked? The sensors your vehicle comes equipped with, like the oxygen sensor and MAF sensor, don’t get the attention they deserve. A glitch in one of these sensors can contribute to all sorts of drivability problems in a vehicle. And yes, the onboard computer of your Jaguar might even initiate the limp mode should one of these sensors give up.

Reason #3- Transmission issue

A flaw in the transmission system can also push your Jaguar into limp mode. The transmission unit is a very complicated machine; made up of many different parts. If one of these parts malfunctions or its fluid level drops below minimum permissible limit, the torque output of your vehicle will be adversely impacted. When the onboard diagnostic system comes across this anomaly, it may push your Jaguar into the limp mode.

Reason #4- Engine issue

Your Jaguar might also enter the limp mode if its engine is acting up. If there is something amiss with the ignition system, fuel delivery system, or air intake system, the engine will have a hard time operating. As soon as the onboard computer finds out about this strange engine behavior, it will initiate limp mode to prevent any further damage.

Precautionary Measures

Routine maintenance

You can keep your Jaguar in top notch condition by simply adhering to its preventative maintenance schedule. Check on your Jaguar’s oil level regularly and make sure it never dries up. If your vehicle is struggling to pick up speed or its engine is running hot, reach out to a nearby service center to get the issue diagnosed and fixed ASAP.

Be a better driver

Bad driving habits can contribute to all sorts of drivability problems in a vehicle. So if you don’t want your Jaguar’s reliability to be compromised, work on improving your driving skills. Use of high-quality fuel and OEM parts can have a positive impact on your Jaguar’s reliability.

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* Jaguar F Type Car image credit goes to: Sue Thatcher.

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