Top Rated European Auto Scheduled Maintenance Provider in San Antonio

Owning a European car allows drivers numerous benefits including plush interior comforts and high-end performance capabilities. However most drivers also know that owning a European vehicle means making a commitment to the rigorous scheduled maintenance programs associated with most makes and models. While other cars may not require strict adherence to service plans most European brands can experience immediate performance impacts if drivers don’t closely follow the Scheduled Maintenance.

For drivers in and around San Antonio, TX the expert mechanics at Autobahn Automotive provide complete services and repairs in line with the scheduled maintenance requirements for the most popular makes and models.


At Autobahn Automotive we service the following European brands:

Our staff uses the latest tools and equipment available to follow your make and model’s specific scheduled maintenance program accurately and more affordable than making trips to the dealership.


When you choose Autobahn Automotive for standard scheduled maintenance your car will be given comprehensive services that encompass your entire vehicle’s health including:

  • Fluid checks/top-offs
  • Systems inspections and repairs
  • Tune-ups
  • Alignment and wheel balancing
  • Suspension checks
  • Road testing

Instead of settling for repeat visits to the dealership to settle each problem let our certified mechanics provide complete services for your car in one convenient visit.



If your vehicle is in need of emergency repairs or to make an appointment for scheduled maintenance please call Autobahn Automotive today. We’ve provided San Antonio drivers with quality service for years and will make sure your car receives high quality with each visit.

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