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Expert European Auto Repair at 35% Below Dealer Rates!


We strive towards providing you with the highest quality service both for your car and when it comes to
customer service, working to ensure that your experience is a memorable one.


You wouldn’t buy a car without learning as much about it as possible and that includes the maintenance needs and schedule for each make and model. Familiarizing yourself with the maintenance program for your car will help keep it in peak condition for years to come as you enjoy the best performance possible even as the miles add up. For drivers throughout San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas the experts technicians at Autobahn Automotive have made it easier and more affordable to get your vehicle the maintenance it needs.

Servicing the Best Brands

For over 40 years Autobahn Automotive’s European specialists have helped drivers get more from their vehicle. We specialize in the most popular luxury car brands including:

We also provide service and repair work to Hybrid vehicles with the same commitment to high quality.

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