Expert European Auto Air Conditioning Repair in San Antonio

No matter what make or model car you drive one thing that is non- negotiable is a working air conditioner. Whether year-round or dealing with a San Antonio summer turning on the A/C and being greeted with hot air is a signal that it’s too late to prevent expensive problems. Instead of ignoring the annual maintenance that your air conditioning system needs call the expert mechanics at Autobahn Automotive and see why we’re San Antonio’s leaders in air conditioning repairs and maintenance.


At Autobahn Automotive we specialize in European-made vehicles known for their high performance capabilities and creature comforts. Maintaining your air conditioning is just part of our routine services for your car so that any early signs of trouble can be diagnosed and repaired before becoming a major issue. We service all popular makes and models of European cars including:

Our technicians use the latest tools and equipment for all repairs to further ensure dealership quality services for your vehicle.


Your car’s air conditioning system is made up of numerous components and if something stops working properly it can disrupt the entire system. At Autobahn Automotive we diagnose your car’s air conditioning system with the latest equipment and repair even the slightest issues we find. Our technicians handle everything such as:

  • Compressor repairs
  • Condenser repairs
  • Freon/coolant replacement
  • Refrigerant leaks

Ignoring the warning signs can lead to extremely expensive repairs so if your car is exhibiting one of these symptoms then call us immediately:

  • Hot air blowing when A/C is on
  • No airflow when A/C is on
  • Unusual smells coming from vents
  • Shaking/unusual sounds when A/C is on



Autobahn Automotive is conveniently located in San Antonio, TX and we also service surrounding cities including:

Contact us today if your air conditioning is in need of repairs or you just want to make sure that it’s up to par when you need it most.

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