Savvy drivers would argue the Land Rover is one of the best all-terrain luxury automobiles out there. Land Rovers combine luxury with sleek design and impeccable performance both on the highway and when driving the most challenging off-road terrain. However, their ride optimization system (ROS) can develop issues over time, interfering with a smooth and steady ride. Here we share tips on how to deal with ROS issues so you can return to the comfortable ride you deserve.

What is a ROS?

Your Land Rover is equipped with Ride Optimization System (ROS) technology to constantly evaluate your driving styles and situations. The system then modifies your suspension and other components to create a more enjoyable, efficient, and comfortable drive based on your driving circumstances.

What Happens When the ROS Fails?

If your Ride Optimization System fails, you will not experience as smooth a driving experience because the system isn’t adjusting to your driving conditions. As a result, your ride will be bumpier and possibly put you at risk of accidents if you experience issues with traction or uneven terrain. Your suspension system is designed to soften rough rides, but without the ROS it becomes less effective and reliable.

When Does My Land Rover ROS Require Assessment?

There are three typical signs indicating ROS failure:

  1. Increasingly rougher rides because your suspension system is compromised
  2. The presence of air leaks causing your vehicle to sag to one side or sit lower to the ground
  3. Pronounced impact when landing following large speed bumps due to a failed air compression system

How to Deal with ROS Issues

We believe in preventing ROS issues by scheduling regular ROS maintenance based on the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule. ASE and BOSCH-certified technicians understand the purpose and function of your Land Rover ROS and can provide the quality service required to optimize performance. The sooner ROS issues are caught, the sooner they can be addressed, and the less impact failing systems will have on other Land Rover components. This highly sensitive technology is designed to protect you and your vehicle on rough terrain, and without it, you are at risk of serious, costly damage.

If your ROS is showing signs of failure, an authorized automotive center will take the following steps to ensure all is well:

  • Diagnostics: A professional diagnosis using specialized equipment provides an accurate assessment of the damage.
  • Quality Repairs: Quality repairs using genuine Land Rover parts optimize reliability, performance, and safety.
  • Software Updates: Your system relies on Land Rover software to operate properly. Updates proactively resolve issues identified in older versions of the Ride Optimization System. An authorized automotive center will ensure you have the latest releases installed.

Professional maintenance in hand with certified diagnostics and repairs will ensure your Land Rover Ride Optimization System is optimized and that issues are resolved properly.

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* Land Rover Discovery Sport Car image credit goes to: Sue Thatcher.

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