Your Go-To Clutch Repair in San Antonio

One of the best parts of any European vehicle is the smooth, comfortable driving experience. Drivers count on their cars to keep them safe and comfortable no matter how long their drive is. A large part of that comes from a properly working transmission and clutch that make shifting gears easy and smooth. As the miles and wear and tear add up on your car, your clutch can begin to slip. This makes it extremely important to have your clutch checked regularly. At Autobahn Automotive, our expert mechanics help drivers take better care of their European vehicles. For over 40 years we’ve helped San Antonio drivers continue to get the best performance possible.


At Autobahn Automotive we offer complete clutch services and repairs for the area’s most popular European brands:

Our ASE certified mechanics always make sure that no matter what you drive, your car receives the best care possible.

These technicians have been working with the most advanced European clutches for years and will have your car running better than ever. A proper clutch repair is a delicate job requiring expert hands because there are so many other moving parts that depend on the clutch to be repaired correctly. Otherwise, much can go awry. Never take your advanced European automobile to anyone except professionals like the technicians at our shop!


While your clutch may fail suddenly, it’s an extremely rare occurrence. Many times, there are warning signs to look for. These are just a few warning signs to look for:

  • Spongy/loose clutch pedal when you press it
  • Unusual grumbling noise when pressed
  • Engine revs but low/poor acceleration
  • Difficulties shifting gear
  • Clutch sticks when shifting

No matter what signs your clutch is showing, our shop uses the latest available equipment to make sure the problem is diagnosed right. This lets us fix any issues faster and more affordable than the competition.



Autobahn Automotive has helped drivers from San Antonio and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. If your car is due for service or showing signs of clutch wear and tear, please call or visit our shop today. We’ll show you what it’s like to get treated like a neighbor by your local auto shop with our unbeatably honest prices and assessments. So come on by and experience the respect you and your car deserve!

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