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The check engine light is one of the biggest hassles that you can face when it comes to your vehicle. Signaling dozens of potential issues and causes, depending on the make and model of your vehicle you need to visit a shop that has the accurate code readers needed to diagnose your vehicle. While dealerships are often the go-to destination for most drivers to ensure accuracy and quality they often overcharge for all services and don’t have experienced technicians that know the tips and tricks to repairing your vehicle. For over 40 years the technicians at Autobahn Automotive have helped drivers in and around San Antonio get their vehicle the service it needs. No matter how advanced your Mercedes G wagon or BMW M3 may be, our technicians will have your vehicle running like new in no time. 



At Autobahn Automotive we specialize in the service and repair of European-made vehicles including all makes and models of:

We use the latest tools and equipment to accurately diagnose and repair the issue the first time. This helps to save you time and money on unnecessary repairs and gets your car back to you faster than the dealerships. The advantage of having a locally owned shop equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technicians who understand the gamut of brand engineering techniques is multitudinous. You can bring any of your cars to us and have them fixed quicker than the dealerships and with greater creativity and precision. You can have your whole legion of cars fixed at the same shop all for a price far lower than what a corporate dealership is even allowed to offer. We take care of all brands with check engine light problems and make sure your beautiful new Jaguar will run healthily for years to come. 



Our BOSCH certified service center is stocked with the latest equipment to accurately diagnose and then repair your vehicle in-house. No matter what’s ailing your car our mechanics will help you find the solution including:


  • Loose/broken gas cap
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Failing O2 sensor
  • Old spark plugs
  • Old or failing Mass Airflow Sensor

By repairing these and other common issues in-house our technicians ensure that you pay less than at the dealerships without sacrificing any quality in the work performed. We’ve got a plethora of experience with all sorts of issues and our team of mechanics is always up to the task.

Our diagnostics systems transcend just having highly advanced equipment. What makes up stand out of the corporate dealership crowd is our technicians wisdom and knowledge working with many different models. The team uses various techniques to figure out why a check engine light is going off to ensure that any problem that may be causing the light to illuminate is nipped at the root. If your luxury vehicle has problems, we’ll be sure to give it back to you with everything diagnosed and understood so you can the whole of your vehicle working to its potential. 



Located in San Antonio, Autobahn Automotive also services nearby cities including:

If your check engine light is on you know it must be a serious issue so don’t put off services any longer. Call Autobahn Automotive today to speak with one of our ASE-certified mechanics and to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. We’ll take care of your car like its one of our own. Our locally owned auto shop shop in San Antonio is part of the community so everyone who walks in gets treated like a neighbor. We’ll exude the sort of respect and candor that echoes the days of true southern hospitality. You’ll find that our honest prices and respectful customer care is worth staying for as so many before yourself have found out. You need a check engine light fixed? We’ll get it done right and have you walking out with a genuine smile. 

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