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Land Rover Water Pump
  • When Should You Replace the Water Pump in Your Land Rover

    Posted on December 29, 2018 | By Greg Phillips

    The water pump in your Land Rover is a vital part of its cooling system. By continually pumping water and coolant to your engine, the pump prevents your car from overheating and ruining your engine. Much easier than shopping for a new engine is simply replacing your water pump before the worst happens.

    Water pumps tend to last a long time. In fact, it should last as long as the timing belt it rests below, which generally make it to about 60,000 to 90,000 miles. It is almost always recommended that you get your water pump replaced at the time of belt replacement.

    But in order to get your pump replaced, you need to know when to do so! Here are some signs to look out for that could mean it’s time for a new water pump.

    Signs Your Land Rover’s Water Pump Needs to Be Replaced

    The Coolant is Leaking

    The water pump in your Land Rover is located under the hood and beneath the timing belt. If the pump is leaking, you will be able to see it on the belt. Leaking coolant is not just a problem for the water pump, however. It can also be dangerous for the timing belt. If the belt gets too wet, it can become loose and slippery, which can eventually lead to it snapping. If you notice a leak, you should take you Rover to a certified technician right away to prevent further damages or costs.

    The Temperature Warning Light Comes On

    Your car comes equipped with tons of handy warning signals and lights, and that includes one that signals when your engine is overheating. If your water pump is leaking or malfunctioning, there won’t be enough coolant circulating through your car, which will cause your engine to overheat. That will make the warning light come on.

    There Are Noises Coming From the Water Pump

    Take a moment to listen to your car. Do you hear a high-pitched sound coming from the water pump? If you do, that could indicate that the water pump pulley has come loose or that the bearings inside that make the pump function are wearing down. If you hear that sound, you should take your Land Rover to a qualified technician right away. If caught in time, you may not have to replace the whole pump, but if one of the bearings falls inside of it, there is no way to repair the existing pump.

    Steam is Coming Out of the Radiator

    If you see steam coming up out of your Land Rover while driving or coming to a stop, this is a sure sign that something is wrong with your water pump. The steam means that the radiator is not getting enough water.

    The Water Pump Pulley Seems Loose

    Take your water pump pulley and try to pull it back and forth. If you can move the water pump, it could mean that the shaft or bearings are loose. This prevents your water pump from working properly and can lead to further problems.

    Why Do I Need to Replace It?

    If the water pump in your Land Rover is malfunctioning or damaged, there can be further consequences than just ineffective air conditioning. Without the proper immediate attention, your water pump can fail entirely and cause your engine to overheat. To prevent that, bring you Rover to a certified mechanic as soon as possible.

    Land Rover Discovery 4

    How To Replace Your Land Rover’s Water Pump

    If your Land Rover is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it’s a clear sign that your water pump needs to be replaced and that it’s time to seek repairs. Luckily, the specialists at Autobahn Automotive in San Antonio, Longhorn, TX have been serving the area for over 40 years.

    With 139 years of combined experience, we guarantee we can quickly replace your water pump and get you back out on the road with no more concerns. Instead of rising to match the increasing prices of repairs at dealerships, at Autobahn Automotive we keep our prices low to better serve our community. If it’s time to replace your Land Rover’s water pump, don’t wait for things to get worse. Call us to set up an appointment today.

    * Land Rover Discovery 4 image credit goes to: teddyleung.

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