BMWs are known for their versatility; racecar drivers, families, auto experts, and individuals all over the world appreciate them for their uniqueness and power. Although BMW is one of the most widely respected brands in the automotive industry, they still run into issues just like any other mechanical object. BMWs require constant care and maintenance in order to live up to their impeccable standards and reputation. If drivers fall behind on this ongoing care, the car can begin to drop in performance and begin needing extensive repairs regularly.

One of the most common issues that BMW drivers wind up experiencing is water pump failure. BMWs are equipped with an electric water pump, which tends to be more efficient than traditional water pumps; however, it’s important to enlist the help of a BMW specialist to ensure that the correct protocol is followed for BMW’s specific standard of care when your water pump begins failing or requires servicing. In this article, we’ll talk a little more about electric water pump failure in BMWs, including what causes it, common symptoms to look out for, and what you can do to prevent water pump failure in the future.


One of the greatest things about BMWs is that they typically last a long time. When BMWs, or any car for that matter, begin to climb up into the higher mileage range, things can begin to go wrong—it’s quite normal for parts to begin needing replacement more frequently as a car ages. BMW water pumps in particular can begin to fail near the 80,000-mile mark. The water pump is made of a plastic material, and over time it’s normal for the plastic to begin cracking and corroding. Other issues with water pumps could be due to problems with the bearing or the impeller pieces. In any case, it’s best to follow your routine maintenance schedule and have your water pump serviced at the appropriate intervals.


One of the most critical aspects of ongoing care and maintenance is fluid care. Changing the coolant and following through with standard coolant flushes in your BMW is especially important. Once coolant becomes old or contaminated, it can cause serious engine problems and become ineffective at its job of regulating the engine’s temperature. In and of itself this can lead to engine overheating and other related problems, but it can also damage the water pump, leading to premature replacement.


As a BMW owner, it’s critical to be aware of any changes in engine performance or other concerning symptoms, as catching anything early on gives you a better chance of restoring the performance quality and longevity. These are some of the most common symptoms of electric water pump failure in a BMW:


As the water pump begins to wear with age, it’s normal for the various seals and gaskets to also wear out. Of course, it the coolant cannot be properly contained if the methods of sealing it are damaged; therefore, it is common to experience coolant leaks when the water pump begins to fail.


When the engine’s coolant cannot properly flow through it, it inevitably leads to an overheating engine. Engine overheating is concerning, as it can not only be a dangerous condition to drive under, but it can lead to significant engine damage the longer the engine goes without being properly cooled.


An indication of engine overheating, a steaming radiator must be treated urgently. If you begin to notice steam coming from the radiator, you should pull over immediately. Keeping an extra bottle of coolant in your car at all times is recommended, but it’s usually best to have your car towed to the nearest BMW specialist.


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