Faulty parking brakes are a danger to everyone on the road. Without one, you and others could be injured in a crash. Parking brakes fail over time, so it is important to notice symptoms that it may be malfunctioning, find the reasons behind the malfunction, know how to prevent these problems in the future, and know where to get your parking brake serviced in the meantime.


Take care to note if any of the below happen frequently while driving or parking. If they are, it is vital that you see a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

  • Your Land Rover suddenly will not stay in place when parked. It may roll a little on the flat ground, or it will try to roll down an incline entirely. The parking brake no longer supports your vehicle’s weight, and this is a huge problem.
  • Your brake light will come on to warn you not to drive while the parking brake is engaged even when it isn’t. Your Land Rover may make a noise warning you further if you try to drive anyway.
  • If you are using your parking brake and you feel no resistance on the pedal, this is a pretty sure sign that your brake has failed entirely.


There are a few reasons why your vehicle’s parking brake is malfunctioning or failing.

  • Your parking cable could be worn from time and use, but the cable could have also snapped Either way, this is why you will feel no resistance while trying to engage the brake system.
  • The cable could be stuck. This means that even when you try to disengage your parking brake, your light will still come on to warn you. It is better not to try and drive if this happens. Other signs are less noticeable, but this is a pretty big indicator.
  • Your brake shoes could be improperly placed. If they are not aligned the way they are supposed to be, you need to have them adjusted immediately if you want to be able to use your parking brake again.
  • The bell crank that engages the system may have become rusted or corroded. This happens with time and without regular maintenance.


Your parking brake is there for a reason. It is not just an optional accessory; the brake is there to save your life and other people’s lives. There are several reasons why you need it to be functioning properly at all times.

  • Without the parking brake, it will be extremely dangerous to park your vehicle on an incline. Since the weight of the Land Rover is no longer supported, there is a good chance that it will roll into oncoming traffic or collide with other vehicles below. Even if no one gets harmed physically, it takes a toll on their finances trying to repair or replace their own vehicles.
  • The parking brake is a secondary system. It stands to reason that you should use it when your primary brake system fails to avoid a crash. When you do not have either option, you have completely lost control of your Land Rover, and the damage it can do is considerable.
  • You need it for extra safety when parking at all times. Using both the regular brake system and the parking brake will ensure that your Land Rover is going nowhere any time soon. This can erase all worries from your mind and let you know that you have done as much as you can to avoid damage.


You are not completely helpless when it comes to preventing your parking brake from malfunctioning or failing. The most effective thing you can do is have your Land Rover taken to a qualified mechanic for inspection regularly. This person will make sure that any damage is spotted early.


The tip about preventative maintenance does not help you if your parking brake has already failed. You need to know that not just any mechanic can fix up a vehicle like yours. You need someone who specializes in high-end autos if you want to save time, frustration, and money.

That is why you should come and see us at Autobahn Automotive. Our auto specialists will give your Land Rover the care that it needs, and they will get it right the first time. If you are near the San Antonio or Longhorn, TX areas, you should let us show you what we can do. You won’t leave unsatisfied — we guarantee it.

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