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Porsche Ignition Lock
  • Is There a Case of Ignition Lock Failure in Your Porsche?

    Posted on August 3, 2018 | By Greg Phillips

    The Ignition Lock Assembly: It’s Form and Function

    The ignition lock assembly is something you see and use everyday in your Porsche, but likely don’t think about its function or form usually. Located on the right side of the steering wheel, the ignition lock is the mechanism that you put the car key into and turn to start the car or power the car, depending on the setting the key is turned to. The ignition lock assembly is a seemingly basic component of your Porsche, but in fact it performs a very important function—without which we would run into difficulty even starting the car.

    Newer car designs commonly come stock with a push-button start ignition, which operates somewhat differently than traditional ignition lock assemblies. However, ignition lock assemblies are still in use today, and still cause Porsche driver issues later down the line. One part of the ignition lock assembly that is critical to the function of the part is the ignition cylinder. This is the part that allows various functions to be performed at different settings and turns of your key in the ignition, from unlocking the steering wheel to starting the engine. The ignition lock assembly is important to keep in good condition as years pass, as your Porsche won’t be the same otherwise.

    Warning Signs of Ignition Lock Failure

    Whether you drive a Porsche or any other vehicle, it is highly important to be aware of any changes in its function of performance. Ignition lock failure produces highly inconvenient symptoms for drivers; however, it usually doesn’t produce particularly dangerous symptoms. Nonetheless, if you drive a Porsche, chances are you’ll want to drive it at some point. Here are the common warning signs of ignition lock failure that you should know about:

    Your Key Won’t Go In or Out

    Over time the ignition cylinder can become damaged, corroded, or etched from years of the key entering and exiting the slot. If you find that it becomes difficult to insert or take your key out of the ignition, it might be time for a new cylinder.

    Problems Powering Your Porsche

    As you’ve learned, the ignition lock assembly is one of the primary parts that initiates powering of the vehicle. If the ignition lock fails, you’ll run into problems providing power to your Porsche, including your windows, radio, headlights, windshield wipers, etc.

    Problems Starting the Car

    Lastly, ignition lock failure can cause difficulty getting the car started. The problem could simply be due to a worn out cylinder, but it’s best to have a Porsche specialist attend to the problem to provide accurate, effective repair work and part replacements.

    The Probable Cause of Ignition Lock Issues

    There’s usually a singular common cause of ignition lock issues in Porsche vehicles: normal wear, tear, and part aging. The constant motion of sticking a key in and out of the ignition multiple times daily, and more than decades of use, can cause the ignition lock assembly to wear out over time. It’s important to refer to your owner’s manual to determine the appropriate time to service or replace the part so that you can prevent problems from occurring.

    How to Prevent Ignition Lock Failure

    As a responsible Porsche driver, there are certain things you can do for your car that will keep it in optimal condition over the years, and even prevent issues like ignition lock failure. Here are the most important first steps for you to take to ensure your Porsche receives the care it needs:

    • Get the Help of a Porsche Professional
    • Jump on Performance Issues Quickly
    • Remain Diligent About Maintenance Tasks

    Once you hire a Porsche specialist to handle your maintenance and repair work, you’ll notice a huge difference in how your car performs, but you’ll also feel more secure bringing your car to a shop with Porsche-specific expertise.

    Porsche Cayman S on Road

    How We Can Help You

    Here at Autobahn Automotive Services, our Porsche specialists have dealt with ignition lock failure many times before. Porsche drivers in San Antonio and Longhorn, TX, bring their cars to us for our expertise, efficiency, quality of work, and affordable pricing. We have a passion for European imports like Porsche, and it is our mission to keep them in excellent condition for our clients. If you’ve experienced any of the issues mentioned in this article related to your Porsche’s ignition, please call us to schedule an appointment with a Porsche specialist right away.

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