Nothing can ruin your car and rack up an expensive maintenance bill faster then issues with your cooling system. In European-made vehicles such as Audi that rely on performance engines, following routine maintenance and service schedules are necessity in order to keep everything perfectly in tune. While Audi’s are becoming more and more technologically advanced and capable of alerting drivers to even the slightest issues it is still important that you know how to properly care for your cooling system all year round and not just when you need a service appointment. These tips will help make sure that your Audi’s cooling system stays properly maintained and free of any damages or developing problems.


For all of the advances in technology in terms of cooling system capability and the improvements and upgrades to engines there is still one integral place to start for maintenance: heat exchangers. Dirty heat exchangers are the single biggest cause of cooling system performance issues and can drastically reduce the performance of your cooling system in no time. Dirt and dust and debris accumulate over time throughout the system and can lead to cracks and wear and tear that ruin your car’s fuel efficiency as well. Use a pressure washer to properly remove all dirt and debris from the area routinely or have your auto mechanic include cleaning into your next service appointment.


Either on your own or as part of a routine service inspection always be sure to check the radiator and its’ components. The outside should be free of leaks or any signs of corrosion as well as damaged tubes or clogged fins. You should also check the radiator pressure cap to ensure that they aren’t damaged or old and losing any pressure control as that can lead to further damages if left unnoticed.


Your thermostat opens and closes to circulate coolant throughout the system but sometimes they can wear out and in that instance they’ll remain closed. If it stays stuck closed then your car will have poor circulation of the coolant, which will lead to engine overheating and long-term damages. If your thermostat is showing signs of wear and tear or is having trouble functioning then replacing it can help save you an expensive headache later.


You want to check for any external leaks or damages to all of the components of your cooling system including the radiatorwater pumpengine coolant passages and the heater hoses and core. If you even think there is the chance that something is leaking or there is an issue developing then replace it immediately. As for internal leaks you will need to use a pressure tester or find a mechanic with one on hand. This way you can look and see if there is any leakage of combustion gas but before performing any tests make sure that your engine is off and the car is cold.


Always be sure to check your coolant and other fluids for levels and quality. Coolant is a 50/50 mixture of anti-freeze and water and should be added to your vehicle as needed when you determine the levels are low or with the properly scheduled service appointment. By making sure that coolant, radiator fluid and other fluids are all properly leveled and free of dirt and debris you will ensure that your vehicle’s cooling system is functioning correctly and free of any leaks, cracks or other damages that can affect your car’s engine and overall performance.


Rather than worry about when you need to check various fluids or storing expensive equipment let the professionals at Autobahn Automotive make sure your Audi’s cooling system gets the service it needs. Our friendly staff is backed by years of experience working closely with Audi’s and our knowledge of each vehicle’s maintenance schedule means your car will receive the correct service it needs each and every time. We are also the San Antonio area’s choice dealership alternative for all cooling system service and repair work with all of the tools and diagnostic equipment needed to thoroughly inspect each component for any signs of damage or wear. Next time your maintenance required light comes on or you need a scheduled service appointment call the experts at Autobahn Automotive today so that your cooling system and everything else in your Audi continue to run like new.

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