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Jaguar Air Suspension Repair
  • Common Symptoms of Air Suspension Failure in a Jaguar

    Posted on July 20, 2018 | By Greg Phillips

    How is air suspension different from traditional models?

    Air suspensions are pneumatic systems, or systems that run off of pressurized air. Although they are comprised of many different parts like the traditional suspension models, they have two main components that control the effectiveness and function of the suspension: the air compressor and the air bags. When issues come up with the suspension in a Jaguar, it is usually due to a malfunction in one of these two parts; however, suspension issues can occur in air suspensions similarly to that of traditional suspension in that parts can become worn, damaged, or broken over time due to normal wear and tear. It’s critical to address any air suspension issues in your Jaguar quickly, as your Jaguar may be very difficult to drive otherwise, and other suspension parts can become damaged the longer the problem persists.

    Common symptoms of air suspension failure

    It is important to be aware of the symptoms that a failing air suspension will produce so that you can get your Jaguar the care and servicing it requires. These are some of the most common symptoms of air suspension failure in Jaguars that you should stay on the lookout for:

    Low-riding suspension

    If the air bags aren’t able to fill with air for any reason, the car will sit visibly lower. The air suspension is always running, as it is designed to keep the car adequately raised off of the ground and other suspension components. If for some reason it stops running, it can make your Jaguar appear lower to the ground.

    Changes in performance

    Usually when any suspension component fails, whether it’s in an air suspension or traditional suspension, it produces noticeable changes in the vehicle’s performance. In your Jaguar, you will likely notice that the back end of the car handles loosely and doesn’t move as precisely.

    Noises after the car is turned off

    It is normal for the air compressor to continue functioning even after the car is off; however, when an air leak occurs in one of the air bags the compressor can work unnecessarily after the car is off, which may produce a subtle, continuous sound.

    What are the common causes of air suspension failure?

    Now that you know what some of the common signs of failure are, let’s talk about the two most common reasons for air suspension failure or malfunction.

    Air compressor failure

    The air compressor in your Jaguar’s air suspension isn’t that different from that of an air conditioning unit. An air compressor is essentially a motorized device that pushes air into the suspension air bags, which lift the car optimally. If the air compressor fails, the air bags will not be able to fill appropriately.

    Leaking air bags

    Another common cause of air suspension problems is leaking air bags. If one of the air bags becomes damaged or punctured, it can create an air leak, disallowing the bag to fill adequately with air. This may make your Jaguar sit oddly, and is often raised on one end or side and not the other.

    How to prevent these issues from occurring

    As a concerned Jaguar driver, there are some things you can do to prevent air suspension failure from occurring in your own vehicle:

    • Seek the help of a Jaguar specialist
    • Stick to your Jaguar’s maintenance and repair plan
    • Don’t hesitate to address air suspension issues

    Hiring a Jaguar specialist to perform repair and maintenance tasks is a critical first step, as this will ensure the quality of care your car receives, thereby extending its longevity, retaining its value, and optimizing your driving experience.

    Jaguar Car

    Here at Autobahn Automotive Services, we know that Jaguars are special vehicles that require expert care. The Jaguar drivers in the areas of San Antonio and Longhorn TX have been bringing their cars to us for over 40 years because we take pride in the quality of our services and care for each client as if they were a part of our family. As the leading independent dealership alternative in the area, we offer expert automotive care at an affordable rate. If you’ve experienced suspension issues in your Jaguar recently, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an inspection. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us, and we are confident we can restore your suspension.

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