Performing preventive maintenance on your vehicle is critical to extend its life and value. Getting the oil checked and topping off and flushing fluids is important for every car owner to remain diligent about; however, people tend to underestimate the importance of tire maintenance. Getting tires replaced, rotated, and having wheels aligned are all part of routine care that should be a part of every car owner’s maintenance schedule. If these procedures are not followed correctly, you may wind up with a tire blowout at high speeds. Following your car’s designated maintenance schedule recommendations from the manufacturer is imperative for your safety. Finding the right automotive shop near San Antonio, TX or Longhorn, TX, can present a challenge; how do you know what shops are trustworthy and can provide preventive maintenance services efficiently and affordably? It is usually best to look for automotive specialists, or shops that focus most of their efforts on one specific type of vehicle. For instance, depending on what type of vehicle you own, there may be a number of reasons for a tire blowout.


We have all seen shreds and bits of tire while driving down the highway—this is evidence of tire blowouts. Tire blowouts happen most frequently when the weather hits its warmest; high temperatures cause the rubber of tires to expand, increasing the surface area that is also making contact with the hot asphalt. This can create so much heat and pressure that the tire simply can no longer remain intact. This can be dangerous for drivers in the vehicle itself, but also for other vehicles on the road; often tire blowouts cause car accidents involving other motorists, and are responsible for a great number of road-related injuries. The best way to avoid blowouts due to heat is to not overfill your tires with air, but make sure they are at the adequate pressure for hot driving conditions. Refer to your owner’s manual to be sure of the correct pressure to fill your tires to.


Another way that a blowout can occur is if the car is filled with too much weight frequently. When you overload your vehicle, it increases the tire contact with the ground, giving more surface area and opportunity for objects to become lodged in your tire, causing it to leak air. Even more damaging, drivers rarely fill their tires to the adequate pressure; driving with low tires is dangerous because the internal structure of the tire can no longer support itself properly, and over a shorter period of time it wears down much faster than a properly filled tire. Tires will too little air in combination with excessive weight in the vehicle is a toxic combination that screams “tire blowout.” The best way to avoid this is to, again, follow your owner’s manual suggestions about tire pressure.


Lastly, people commonly underestimate the damage that tires suffer daily. Road conditions are not always at their best, and driving over gravel, potholes, and rough patches take a serious toll. This daily abuse to your tires can cause significant damage to the internal components as well as the external state of the rubber and tread—it is critical that you have your tires inspected by a professional regularly to maintain the vehicle’s safety, and to save you money in the long run. By avoiding potholes, having your tire pressure checked regularly and following the routine maintenance plan, you will be able to catch tire issues before causing damage to other parts of your vehicle via blowout.


Affordability is usually the number one issue for car owners who need repairs but simply do not have the money to bring their car to a shop. This can be particularly problematic with European auto repairs for vehicles such as AudiPorscheJaguarMercedes, and other luxury imports. When one of these cars suffers a tire blowout, it can be especially expensive to repair. Autobahn Automotive Service has been serving the San Antonio and LonghornTX areas for over four decades; they specialize in the aforementioned luxury vehicles, and are skilled at addressing tire blowouts as well as other maintenance needs. Call to check out the facility or schedule an appointment today.

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