When you own your car and drive it for years you know what sounds to expect it to make. However you don’t need to be driving for years to know when something sounds wrong. Whether it’s an unusual sound, a sudden sound or sounds that occur when you’re driving it is important that you act quickly to ensure nothing further happens to your car. While any unusual noise should be looked at sooner rather than later if you hear any of the following noises then you need to take action immediately.


One of the most severe issues under the hood is when there is a leak in one of the hoses or in something like the cooling system. If your car is beginning to overheat then there is likely a leak in the cooling system or if the fuel efficiency is down or drivability is faltering then it may be a leak in the vacuum line. Whether it’s a leak or a crack when you hear any type of hissing when the car is running or stopped then make sure you schedule an appointment with your mechanic as soon as possible.


Any type of clunking is definitely a sign that something is wrong and needs to be checked immediately. The problem can be anything from a loose exhaust system that is moving around while you drive to bad ball joints or worn out control-arm bushings. There are a lot of potential causes for a clunking sound but no matter what it is it needs to be addressed immediately before damages spread throughout the car.


If you hit the brakes and it sounds like a banshee screeching as you come to a stop then your brake pads have probably been pushed to their breaking point. That metallic screech indicates that the pads are completely worn and it is strictly metal rubbing on metal. At the earliest sign of this sound then make sure that you get a brake job as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the car.


If you accelerate and hear a loud knocking noise then that may mean your car is in deep trouble. You may hear a tap-tap-tap sound and that can be an indication that a lifter isn’t pumping or that your valve clearances need to be adjusted. If the knocking sound is deep and sounds almost like a hammer then it may be too late to avoid a high cost. That sound often means a bad rod bearing or that the engine has spun a bearing. A spun bearing would mean the entire lower end and possibly the whole power train need to be replaced. The best way to avoid issues this severe is to keep up with routine maintenance and having your car looked at regularly.


This often indicates an issue with the drive belt (aka serpentine belt) and that needs to be looked at immediately. It is most likely going to be heard as you start the car or when you rev the car or turn on the A/C. Buying a new drive belt is relatively inexpensive but if left ignored for a time it can be catastrophic to your car. The drive belt is notorious for snapping suddenly without warning and should that occur while driving it could wreak havoc on multiple systems under the hood including your engine. Should that happen you might have to consider your car a total loss so don’t attempt to drive on the belt if you hear this sound and make sure to consult your car’s manual for proper service intervals to replace the belt.


If your car is making an unusual sound or is beginning to feel different when driving then make sure you act quickly and call professionals that can make a difference. The friendly staff at A&M Auto Service has provided drivers with top notch, dealership quality service and repairs for decades. Our knowledge and experience allows us to offer a more personal and comprehensive type of service than dealerships at a more affordable cost for you. Specializing in the service of European-made vehicles if your car is beginning to make an unusual sound as described above and you need your car fixed in a hurry then call us today to ensure the best service available throughout all of Pineville, NC and the surrounding areas.

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