Any vehicle that goes by the Jaguar name is known for being sleek, unique, and standard breaking in areas such as performance. The Jaguar is constantly being changed and upgraded in ways that give the driver an experience like no other. This is something that you are fully aware of as you drive your Jaguar every day. Whether it’s on a road trip or just to the grocery store and back, you have amazing driving experience with your Jaguar every time.

As to be expected, over time your Jaguar is going to need more than regular maintenance. One of the parts that will require this is the ignition coil. The ignition coil is the part that takes the low voltage from the car battery and converts it to the higher voltage that is needed to ignite the fuel and start the engine. The voltage from the car battery is not enough to start the engine of your Jaguar. This is where the ignition coil comes in because it acts as a converter to create a higher voltage that is required to start your Jaguar. Below you will learn about some signs, symptoms, and causes of ignition coil failure.


One of the most common signs that will point to ignition coil failure is the check engine light coming on. The ignition coil will alert the computer in your Jaguar to illuminate the check engine light because a failed coil can lead to greater engine issues. If the ignition coil has failed then the engine is not going to be able to run properly because it is not getting the necessary amount of voltage. If the ignition coil is having a circuit issue, is burnt out, or has shorted, then the check engine light will come on. This is because all of these issues with the ignition coil will alert the computer that there is something wrong. So in turn, you Jaguar will alert you to that issues by illuminating the check engine light.


A second common sign that there has been an ignition coil failure is that the engine of your Jaguar will misfire. The misfire will occur because there has been an issue detected with the part that is responsible for creating the voltage required for the engine to perform as expected. If the engine is not getting the high voltage that it needs to run, then it will misfire. Another engine issue that will alert you to a failed ignition coil is that the engine will sound and feel rough and bouncy while idling. The third engine performance issue that a failed ignition coil can cause is a loss of power. Without all the voltage your Jaguar requires to run normally then a loss of power is something that can occur. One or more of these engine performance issues should be immediately addressed so costly repairs do not develop over time.


The last sign that will point to ignition coil failure is your Jaguar not even starting. As has been previously stated, the battery alone cannot produce the voltage required for the engine to start. The ignition coil needs to step in and convert that voltage into something higher. If the ignition coil has failed then there is nothing to act as a converter. This will mean that your Jaguar will not run.


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