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Volvo Motor Mount
  • Why is the Motor Mount Important for Your Volvo?

    Posted on October 6, 2018 | By Greg Phillips

    What does the motor mount do for your Volvo?

    Your Volvo relies on all kinds of parts, components, and systems in order to function optimally at all times. The engine mount, or motor mount, in your Volvo plays a static and stationary yet critical role in your car’s health, function, and ongoing performance. Your Volvo is equipped with several motor mounts to hold the engine in place as the car goes over bumps, divots, and road imperfections; but the motor mounts also keep it raised above the other parts under the hood that rest below the engine.

    The motor mounts take on a lot of force and weight while keeping the engine stabilized and secure. Although motor mounts typically don’t need to be replaced very frequently, some drivers experience premature wear of these parts due to extenuating circumstances. We’ll get into the causes of motor mount failure in a moment, but for now, it’s important to know how to diagnose motor mount failure in the most basic of terms.

    How to recognize the signs of motor mount failure

    If you begin to notice that your Volvo isn’t functioning quite the same and exhibits concerning symptoms that weren’t there before, it’s always a good idea to bring it into a Volvo specialist to detect any problems with the motor mounts. It is critical to address motor mount failure quickly and assertively, as the part is essential and vital to keep the other parts under the hood of your car well protected from damage that a rattling or moving engine can inflict. These are the two most common symptoms of a failing motor mount:

    Unusually intense vibrations from engine

    When the motor mounts become damaged or fail the first thing drivers notice is a vibrating engine. Depending on which motor mounts are damaged and how severely, you might experience this vibration in a range of intensity. Intense engine vibration causes other parts to prematurely wear, so it’s important to fix the issue quickly.

    Shaking or rattling noises

    Along with engine vibrating, shaking and rattling noises are common. Your engine naturally moves as belts and fans spin at high speeds, which the motor mounts help stabilize. If a motor mount fails, you’ll likely hear rattling as the engine shakes within the remaining motor mounts.

    Common causes of engine mount failure

    Knowing what causes motor mounts to fail can be helpful to Volvo drivers, as you can attempt to avoid this common issue that drivers run into. These are the most common causes of engine mount failure in Volvo cars:

    Normal wear and tear

    As you drive your car through rough terrain or over speed bumps, the constant vibrations and impacts take a toll on the engine mounts, requiring replacement eventually.

    Aging parts

    As Volvos age, so do their parts. Over time the integrity of the motor mounts can become compromised, especially when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

    Driving habits and conditions

    Since we know that driving over road imperfections leads to expedited motor mount wear, it is important to be aware of your own driving habits and conditions. For instance, how quickly you drive over speed bumps, how frequently you hit curbs or potholes, and the quality of the tires you’re driving on all play a role in engine mount wear and eventual failure.

    What you can do to prevent engine mount failure

    Knowing the causes of engine mount failure can help you know where to make changes in your driving routine or maintenance habits. These few guidelines can significantly impact your vehicle’s performance and health over time and help to prevent motor mount failure:

    • Get the help of a Volvo expert
    • Follow through with routine maintenance
    • Follow through with repairs
    • Perform frequent inspections
    • Use quality replacement parts

    Volvo Car on Road

    The Volvo specialists here at Autobahn Automotive Services are proud of the quality of work and expertise they offer to the residents of San Antonio and Longhorn, TX. Getting the right care for your Volvo begins with finding services tailored to your specific car, and Autobahn Automotive can help. Motor mount failure is a serious repair to tackle, and requires a high degree of skill to properly address. If you think one or more of your motor mounts is damaged, please contact us to conduct an inspection right away; we are proud to save you your highly valued money and time by providing efficient, accurate, and affordable services.

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