The suspension system in a vehicle is designed to keep the automobile off the ground at various levels as well as absorb the movement felt from bumps, potholes, and other flaws in the highway. This system is vitally important to the overall comfort of the riding and driving experience. Jaguar utilizes a self-leveling suspension (SLS) system which automatically adjusts the height of the vehicle based on the weight of the load it carries.

The self-leveling feature is one of the many reasons why consumers love Jaguar. This exotic luxury brand is known for its stunning design, quiet cabin, and quality performance. However, the smooth and comfortable ride of this brand truly sets it apart from the rest. The extremely intricate self-leveling suspension plays a key role in the overall operation of the Jaguar. This is why regular inspections and proper maintenance of this mechanism should never be overlooked.


There are several components that make up the overall self-leveling suspension. Any one of these may experience a problem that can cause damage. The most common issues with the SLS are the result of air or fluid leaks.


The accumulators house rubber bladders that can not be easily detected visually. These bladders can get rips or tears in them, causing leaks.


The pump itself does not normally break down completely. However, it can start leaking, which leads to issues with the SLS. The hoses that connect to the pump can also tear or leak as well.


An issue with the struts is hardly ever the culprit when it comes to a self-leveling suspension problem, but in rare cases, they too can leak, which must be repaired.


This valve can cause significant concerns when it begins to malfunction. It can experience leaks internally which are very difficult to pinpoint. It can also leak externally, which is a bit easier to diagnosis, since you can see the fluid seeping out.

Any of these issues can weaken the structure of the suspension system, causing it to fail. Driving over rough road conditions can wreak havoc on these mechanisms. This would include running over potholes, bumping into curbs, and even rolling too fast over steep speed bumps.

Other systems can be negatively affected when the SLS becomes damaged or fails. Your Jaguar will experience less shock absorption. Adequate absorption keeps the vibration amount to a minimum while driving as well as reducing the impact felt in the cabin of the car. When this system becomes less effective, the driving experience will be less comfortable and it will produce a rougher ride overall. Your braking ability will also suffer during an SLS malfunction. Braking power will be lowered, and it will be more difficult to stop. This can be a dangerous consequence.


What should you do if you suspect a failure with the SLS? The most important thing that you can do is to stop driving the car. If you continue to operate the vehicle, it can lead to even more significant damage to the axlesundercarriage, and the rest of the suspension system. When the SLS malfunctions, the automobile will not be able to adjust, and it will ride too low to the ground. It may also lean to one side more than the other.

There are several ways to prevent a breakdown of the self-leveling system. There should be frequent inspections of all the visual components which make up the suspension. Fluids levels need to be regularly checked and maintained. It is also vitally important to follow the specific maintenance schedule set forth for your specific make and model.


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