Porsche vehicles represent the perfect marriage of ultimate sleekness in design and high quality German engineering. With the right maintenance, the driving experience of your Porsche can remain as timeless as the vehicles’ elegant design.

In this article we’ll be exploring some handy tips and tricks to maintain the pressure accumulator of your Porsche to help you keep your prized vehicle turning heads for years to come.


Visually appearing as a thick metallic cylinder, the pressure accumulator is found near the AC system, usually between the car’s evaporator and compressor. Representing a relatively complex system, the pressure accumulator is comprised of all manner of parts such as pumps and valvesseals, and hydraulic lines.

The pressure accumulator is an important mechanism which uses hydraulic fluid in order to keep many of the systems and elements of your car running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The accumulator stores the fluid pressure that is emitted by your Porsche as it runs the basic systems such as your brakesgear shift and AC. This stored pressure can then be used when the brakes, for example, need some extra power, such as when emergency braking is enacted by the driver.

When a pressure accumulator is not working correctly, the driving experience can become severely compromised. For a Porsche driver who is used to the supreme experience a luxury vehicle can offer, a faulty pressure accumulator can entirely ruin your driving experiences.


As the car’s pressure accumulator helps the AC to run smoothly, making sure to maintain your Porsches’ air conditioner will in turn look after the accumulator. Some basic maintenance you can implement in this regard is to regularly run your car’s AC. Running this for around 10 minutes weekly at the highest setting, no matter the season, will keep all the parts of the system running as smoothly as possible, thus reducing strain on the accumulator.

On a similar note, a well maintained braking system can also help achieve a well maintain pressure accumulator system. Avoid braking too excessively or too firmly to reduce the deterioration of your brakes and prevent putting intense strain upon the accumulator. If you haven’t sought maintenance for your brakes for some time, then getting them serviced is advisable not only for looking after the accumulator, but also the safety and overall performance of your Porsche.

Finally, the pressure accumulator is also integral to the peak performance of a car’s suspension, one of the key factors that gives Porsche’s their well known smooth driving experience. Looking after your suspension will certainly help to look after your pressure accumulator. One of the easiest ways you can give your suspension some care is to ensure your tires are properly inflated. This will help keep your suspension even and prevent any unnecessary stress on the system.

Maintaining the spring coils will also help you look after your suspension and in turn your accumulator. If when you’re driving your Porsche you notice ‘clunking’ when navigating bumps in the road, then its likely your suspension is under strain from failing or worn out spring coils. To avoid this or encourage longevity of these springs, it’s important to drive carefully, because, as with not slamming down your brakes too hard, taking bumps and uneven terrain more gently can help maintain a smooth driving experience.


There are some clear signs your car will give you if your pressure accumulator may be failing or has already failed. If you find your suspension has noticeable differences in performance, warning such as the ‘check engine’ light are illuminated on the dashboard, reduced braking performance, or poor AC function, then it may be best to seek professional help.

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* Porsche Cayman image credit goes to:SusanaValera.

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