All car owners approach vehicle safety differently; some car owners have routine maintenance schedules that they follow religiously, while others may attend to tune-ups and check-ups once a year if they get around to it. If car maintenance generally escapes you and isn’t a part of your life today, there is no time like the present. If you don’t prioritize car maintenance, then you may be putting your life and the life of your passengers at a significantly higher risk each time you get on the road. One of the most overlooked preventive maintenance procedures is attending to the health and quality of your tires. It isn’t until we experience driving in a rare rainstorm that we realize how important it is to have adequate tires that perform well. Tires become worn faster than most realize, especially if you drive a lot on rough terrain. Over time, wheels not only become worn, but they become misaligned and imbalanced. Therefore, it isn’t just the tires themselves that need to be checked out regularly, but preventive maintenance should include routine wheel alignment and balancing.


If your wheels are in perfectly working condition, then you should not feel any vibrations in your steering wheel. Usually when wheels become imbalanced they leave evidence in the wear pattern of the tire. If a tire is placing more emphasis or weight on one side of the vehicle, or on one specific tire, then you may want to first check the tire pressure in all of your tires to see if there is a slow tire leak, causing the tires to wear unevenly. However, if the tire pressure checks out ok on all four tires, the problem may be due to wheel imbalance. When the weight of car is uneven and not balanced, it creates a heavy spot that makes your tires wear quicker and causes your steering wheel to vibrate. In addition to the wheels being adversely affected by tire imbalance, other issues can occur with suspension too. If the problem goes unaddressed or solved for any extended period of time, you may notice other components of your vehicle becoming worn or damaged.


Wheel balancing is important for vehicle safety because if the wheels aren’t balanced it can be more difficult to control the vehicle. Generally the faster the car goes, the less control the driver with have. Furthermore, vehicles become exponentially more dangerous when they increase speed. You can imagine that if you are losing control at higher speeds then you also become at a significantly higher risk of causing an accident or damaging your vehicle. Wheel imbalances cause other components of your vehicle to become worn quicker, causing you to remain even more diligent about bringing your car in for regular checkups. A good auto mechanic should notice the common symptoms of wheel imbalances such as premature wearing of tires, suspension, or decreased fuel economy. Furthermore, over time the steering components of your vehicle will become affected, making it dangerous to drive your car even at slower speeds.


Preventive automotive care is important for every car owner to take part in. The more often you bring your vehicle in for inspection or tune-ups, the more chances there are that a professional mechanic will notice any signs of problematic issues. Vehicle safety lies heavily upon how diligent the car owner is in maintaining the various parts of the vehicle. Any problem from high oil temperatures to leaking antifreeze can be dangerous for drivers on the road, which is precisely why it is important that you remain committed to keeping your car in the best working condition possible. Tire health is not just making sure your tires are full of air, but staying on top of alignments and balancing. Preventive care is not simply to enhance your vehicle’s safety, but to keep your car out of the mechanic shop long-term. When you take good care of your car, your automotive bills will be much lower in general. For instance, if your wheels are imbalanced, you may end up needing to replace the tires, the suspension, and steering components if the problem is not addressed in a timely manner. Do yourself a favor and take care of your car; your safety and money may depend on it.

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