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MINI Rubber Engine Mount
  • Reasons Behind Engine Mount Failure in Your Mini From the Experts in San Antonio

    Posted on February 7, 2020 | By Greg Phillips

    The MINI is a high quality automobile that has dynamic handling, a unique interior, and unsurpassed reliability. In fact, the MINI Cooper ranks near the top of its class. These vehicles utilize a firm suspension system, trusty brakes, and highly-responsive steering to ensure the best driving performance. While this line of automobiles is known for dependability, they can suffer from the occasional mechanical or component malfunction.

    Engine mount failure can be a serious problem for any vehicle, including the MINI. The engine mount is the apparatus that holds the motor inside your car. One part of the mount holds the engine in place while the other part is attached to the frame or body of the automobile. This component not only contains the engine but works to reduce the vibration felt inside the cabin of your MINI.

    Signs of Potential Engine Mount Failure

    Let’s take a look at some of the more obvious signs of an engine mount failure. These are often severe, so it’s important to take your Mini to a trusted mechanic at the first sign of trouble.

    Extreme vibration

    Engine mounts are designed with rubber components in order to avoid metal to metal contact and absorb or reduce vibrations. If the rubber begins to wear or break down, the engine vibrations will cause your MINI to shake and make the ride very uncomfortable.

    Loud, banging or other impact noises

    This is one of the most common symptoms of an engine mount failure. A mount that has become damaged, broken, or worn will allow the motor to move around and make contact with other components under the hood.

    Movement of the engine

    A malfunctioning mount will not hold the motor in place or maintain stability. This will let the engine move in all directions inside the engine bay. This movement may be very noticeable when you are trying to accelerate.

    Common Causes of a Malfunctioning Engine Mount

    All vehicles utilize a motor mount, but there are variations in the materials that are used to make them. Some are made with steel while others may use rubber or oil-filled rubber. Metal mounts last much longer and can endure harsher driving conditions. Here are some things that can contribute or cause an engine mount to fail:

    Aggressive driving

    Any time a vehicle is put into gear or accelerated by the gas pedal, the torque will cause the engine to move. If the car is driving too aggressively, stress may make the engine mount break or malfunction.

    Wear and Tear

    As your MINI gets older, the age may wear on the motor mount, especially if it is composed of rubber. Rubber can dry rot and break down from the changes in temperature over time. Oil filled mounts can experience leaks from overall wear and tear, which will prevent the component from properly doing its job.

    Installation defects

    While it is an extremely rare scenario, the engine mount could have been improperly installed. This can lead to a complete failure after just a few trips in your car.

    Consult the MINI Experts at Autobahn Automotive

    Autobahn Automotive has been in operation for over 40 years, and we pride ourselves on being a reputable, honest, and affordable service repair shop. We provide dealership quality service at a fraction of the cost: 35% below dealer prices! Our technicians are factory trained and have the knowledge and expertise to work with all European makes and models, including MINI.

    MINI Engine Mount Issue Check

    Your MINI is unique; it packs speed, comfort, power, and affordability all into a compact automobile. We understand the complexities of these models as well as the specific services they need to maintain optimal performance. Autobahn Automotive has become the trusted auto repair center for residents in San Antonio and Longhorn, TX.

    Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, and we demonstrate that commitment in several ways. We offer discounts for AAA members as well as those in the military. Local shuttle service is available to ensure that you get where you need to be while we are working on your vehicle. Autobahn also offers free multi-point inspections with every oil change, and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi while you’re waiting. Don’t just trust your MINI to any mechanic. Put your trust in us, and we will make sure your automobile is running like new, each and every time. Call us today!

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