A luxury vehicle that separates itself from all other cars, Jaguars combine more elegance, power, safety and reliability than the rest. While they offer numerous benefits and comforts to drivers there is a reason you still don’t see a high number of them out on the roads: maintenance. It’s no secret that luxury cars require more strict service schedules and a Jaguar is no different. Instead of spending countless hours and thousands of dollars in and out shops these tips can help you ensure that your Jaguar’s performance stays well preserved for years.


The easiest way to keep your car well maintained is to adhere to its’ designed service schedule. Jaguar is renowned for the comprehensive service schedule it has specifically designed for each one of their cars and a familiarity with the schedule will help you exponentially. Some of the most important services of each level include:


• Change the oil and filter in your car
• Inspect under your car for visible signs of damage or accelerated wear and tear
• Rotate your tires to promote even wear
• Check the belts and hoses under the hood to look for cracks or damage
• Behind the wheel road test to see if there are any issues that occur while driving


• Replace the car’s spark plugs
• Replace air filter as needed
• Full brake inspection
• Check and adjust all belts


• Change the transmission fluid and filter
• Inspect the entire exhaust system
• Change power steering fluid
• Replace the vehicle’s oxygen sensor at 90,000 miles
• Adjust the drive belts or replace them (every 6 years or 60,000 miles)
• Full points vehicle inspection including headlights, engine/engine mounts, cooling system and complete brake system.

While these service appointments are critical to your car’s performance they are not the only things that determines your car’s performance.


While paying close attention to the service schedule is important so is the often-overlooked interior maintenance. A full interior cleaning with leather treatments can help your car continually feel like new while also making sure to avoid interior deteriorations that can come with years of consistent driving.

Auto detailing is also another popular way to make sure that every nook and cranny of your car’s interior and exterior are properly taken care of. Repairing light scratches and dents and dings can actually lead to an improvement in both the look and performance of your car. A complete auto detail service when done right can ensure your car stays looking as good as new.

Another area that is often overlooked is the intangible factors that can unexpectedly affect your car. While it should be obvious that you need to take care of your car, things like parking under a covering will make a difference. Reducing the opportunity for sun damage or fading of the interiors along with protecting your car from things like falling trees or debris will keep both the inside and outside at a high level.


It’s critical that in the event of any accidents or damages accrued to your car that you act quickly. Left unattended to, even the slightest damage can develop into something much more serious so instead of waiting for the earliest dealership appointment let the experts at A&M Auto Service help. For years our specialists have made sure that each Jaguar we see is kept in perfect condition with everything from comprehensive service appointments to dealership quality repair work for any and all damages. We remain the Pineville, NC area’s number one alternative to the dealership when it comes to maintaining Jaguars and other European-made vehicles. Whether you need repairs for your jaguar or just want the work of specialists who will follow your car’s service schedule to a T, our friendly staff is here to serve you and make sure that the work isn’t done until you are satisfied. We also guarantee our work and back it with a 2-year/24,000 mile warranty on most repairs so that you can drive with the confidence that your Jaguar’s performance is still as good as new.

Call us today or schedule an appointment for service for your Jaguar online today and make sure you don’t have to settle for overpriced and subpar work any longer.

Jaguar XE image credit goes to:y_carfan.

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