It’s safe to assume that if you are a Porsche owner, you are completely in love with your car. From the sleek design to the powerful engine, this beauty is a fan favorite. Besides its impeccable performance, Porsche is best known as a status symbol of class and luxury. This reputation alone is one of the primary reasons why car enthusiasts add this vehicle to their wishlist.

However, as valuable as Porsche is, it still faces the same complications as economy-grade vehicles. One common hiccup is finding metal shavings in oil. Although this problem seems minute, it packs a powerful punch. This is so powerful, it could impact how well your Porsche performs.

Unfortunately, this problem goes unnoticed due to a variety of factors. Those who don’t maintain their Porsche are more likely to experience this issue. In addition, Porsche owners who don’t pay attention to slight changes in their cars performance are also more susceptible to preventable challenges.

To understand how to remove metal shavings from your oil, you must first understand why this issue is so serious. This motivates Porsche owners to action and prompts them to find a lasting solution to their problem. Let’s first consider how this problem occurs and the steps you can take to correct it.


Clean oil makes your car run efficiently. When it’s filled with foreign objects, it impacts how well your car operates. Failure to correct this issue could lead to irreversible damage to your engine, a costly repair that only increases with the Porsche brand. This issue doesn’t occur out of the blue. Let’s look at a few other reasons this can occur.


Poor oil changing habits is the major cause of metal shavings in your car’s oil. Getting consistent oil changes is one of the basic tenets of car maintenance. While this is key for every car, it’s especially crucial for high-performing vehicles like the Porsche. Failure to keep up with your suggested maintenance could result in the build up of dirty oil. This causes metal-like shavings to form and infiltrate your oil.

The solution is to keep up with your routine oil changes. The industry standard is every 3,000 miles or every 3 months. This helps your car to perform at an optimal function. It also prevents the metal shavings from ruining your oil.


Your Porsche requires premium-grade products to operate at its best. Purchasing cheap oil or fueling your car with standard gas is a recipe for disaster. These cheap products don’t mix well with your Porsche’s infrastructure. Because of this, debris is more-likely to accumulate within your oil. This leads to the dreaded presence of metal shavings.

Purchase quality fuel and oil. Investing in quality products saves your Porsche from expensive repairs down the line. Pay attention to what you’re putting in your car and you’ll surely reap the benefits of a smooth performance.


Testing your engine out to see how powerful it can be is customary amongst Porsche owners. However, as exciting as it is to hear the power of your engine, this constant pressure results in long-term damage. Constant pressure shakes up your engine and causes the accumulation of debris. This creates metal shavings that inhibit your Porsche’s performance.

While it’s tempting to push your Porsche to its limits, it is better to avoid this as a common practice. Your Porsche is powerful, but it has its mechanical boundaries before it starts to break down. Drive your Porsche with care and resist the temptation to utilize all the horsepower under your hood.


Finding a qualified mechanic who understands your Porsche is crucial. Once you find a shop you like, it’s best to stay on a consistent maintenance schedule. This allows your mechanic to identify possible issues early and solve them before they worsen.

Autobahn Automotive proudly provides Porsche maintenance services in San Antonio and Longhorn, TX communities. We will provide a thorough assessment of your Porsche to identify where the metal shavings are coming from and how to fix them.

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