Your car’s motor oil is what keeps the various components of the engine running smoothly. A car may run for an extended period of time until it runs out of oil, but the end result won’t be pretty. When oil levels are low or the oil becomes riddled with debris after not being replaced for a period of time, it can wreak havoc on the rest of your engine, which will ultimately wind up costing you a significant amount of money in repair costs. The best thing you can do to prevent low oil levels or debris buildup is to have your oil regularly changed and filled. Thorough technicians who perform oil changes will also check your oil and air filters. Oil changes are an inexpensive way to keep your engine running smoothly. However, if oil is not filled enough or too much, it can cause other issues, such as diminished car performance. Here are some indications that your engine oil level is filled improperly:


If you notice a dense white smoke coming out of your exhaust, then there may be too much oil in your engine. When oil overflows, it burns and causes a thick smoke to escape out of your exhaust pipe. This can be alarming to drivers, and rightfully so—it can cause significant damage to your engine.


Usually after an oil change, your technician will warn you not to park your car in your driveway, incase it leaks oil. Leaking oil immediately after an oil change is relatively normal, in small amounts and for only a short period of time. Prolonged oil leaks after oil changes are problematic and cause for concern; it is likely that you have too much oil in your engine. Before driving your car any distance, and before symptoms or side effects get any worse, you should bring your car to a nearby trusted auto mechanic for an inspection and new oil change.


One of the telltale signs that your oil is low is a burnt smell that fills the cabin of your vehicle. When engine oil is low due to a lower leaking component, rather than having too much oil spilling over, the oil leaks onto the lower parts of your engine that are hotter, causing it to burn. If you notice a smoke smell inside your vehicle, you should have it towed to a trusted automotive specialist nearby.


Most vehicles have an oil pressure sensor that will warn the driver of an improper oil level. If your oil pressure is not filled enough, then the oil pressure warning light will illuminate on your dashboard, alerting you to have the problem fixed immediately. If the oil pressure light comes on, you should have your oil level inspected by a professional.


While a car can survive on less than optimal oil levels for a period of time, the lasting effects if untreated can be damaging. Improper oil levels can also cause your car’s fuel efficiency level to become substantially diminished. By maintaining your oil level, your vehicle will run more smoothly, and it will retain optimal performance levels.


Neglecting routine maintenance such as regular oil changes can result in detrimental effects to your vehicle’s performance as well as overall safety. Although seemingly overrated by the average driver, oil changes are essential to your car’s health and longevity. By simply changing your oil you can save thousands of dollars in repairs over time. At Autobahn Automotive Services, we take every automotive task seriously—including oil changes. We are experts in European autos as well as hybrid vehicles, and we treat every client’s safety with the utmost caution and concern. We have been serving our loyal clientele in the San Antonio and Longhorn, TX areas for over four decades with honesty and integrity—two things that are rare in the automotive industry. We provide our clients with prices up to 35% lower than the nearby dealerships because we believe that maintenance services, especially oil changes, are critical to our clients’ driving experience and safety and should be affordable to obtain. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services, schedule an inspection, or have your oil changed.

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