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European Car Care Tips

  • Old Car Carburetor

    Understanding the Importance of the Carburetor in Your Car

    Posted on May 31, 2019 | By Greg Phillips

    The carburetor in your vehicle serves multiple functions. Understanding a bit about how it works and what it does will help you to figure out when there might be a problem with it so that you can bring it in

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  • Jaguar Driver Using Touchscreen

    Non-Functional Control Apps and Systems in a Jaguar

    Posted on May 14, 2019 | By Greg Phillips

    Jaguar offers a higher level of services and functions within their vehicles than many others currently on the market. This applies to the non-functional control apps and system that now is available on newer models with enhanced tools and functions. …

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  • MINI Trifecta Warning Lights

    What Causes the Trifecta Warning Lights in Your San Antonio MINI?

    Posted on April 27, 2019 | By Greg Phillips

    The MINI Cooper is a car that is loved by many and has a long history. Now owned by BMW, the MINI Cooper now combines the iconic look of the old classic MINI, with the technology and engineering that …

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  • Overheated Car Engine

    Reasons for High Temperatures in Your BMW Engine

    Posted on April 10, 2019 | By Greg Phillips

    To keep your BMW running at top quality, it is important to stay on top of regular maintenance. There are a number of easy things that you or your mechanic are able to check and maintain regularly to avoid any …

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  • Audi Timing Chain

    Hydraulic Timing Chain Tensioner Failure in an Audi

    Posted on March 24, 2019 | By Greg Phillips

    Catastrophic engine failure is the outcome of a timing chain tensioner failure in any vehicle. However, it has become an increasingly common issue amongst the owners of an Audi or a Volkswagen, specifically with a 2.0TSI engine. This …

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  • Car Exhaust Emissions

    Common Problems in Car Exhaust Emissions

    Posted on March 7, 2019 | By Greg Phillips

    Your car’s exhaust system is one of the largest systems in your vehicle, stretching from the engine all the way to the back of the car, although we typically only see the exhaust pipe sticking out from the back. That …

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  • Mercedes-Benz Gear Shift Issue

    Causes for Mercedes-Benz Gear Selector Issues

    Posted on February 18, 2019 | By Greg Phillips

    Mercedes Benz has a reputation as a quality, well-made luxury vehicle. Its sturdy build and dynamic handling make it a fun car to drive. However, years of rough handling or hard shifting can lead to transmission issues, often times …

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  • Porsche Fuel System

    Issues Related to Your Porsche’s Fuel System

    Posted on February 1, 2019 | By Greg Phillips

    All vehicles are complex and made up of many systems, which are in turn made up of different main components, and further broken down into smaller pieces. Your Porsche relies on a number of different systems in order to function …

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  • Mini Cooper Power Steering Fluid

    How Important is Power Steering Fluid for Your MINI?

    Posted on January 15, 2019 | By Greg Phillips

    With the seemingly hundreds of automotive maintenance tasks drivers need to stay on top of, power steering fluid maintenance can sometimes be left to the wayside. This is unfortunate, as improper power steering fluid maintenance is one of the top …

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  • Land Rover Water Pump

    When Should You Replace the Water Pump in Your Land Rover

    Posted on December 29, 2018 | By Greg Phillips

    The water pump in your Land Rover is a vital part of its cooling system. By continually pumping water and coolant to your engine, the pump prevents your car from overheating and ruining your engine. Much easier than …

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