Whether you were recently in an accident and had auto body work done, or you are simply considering a facelift for your Mercedesfinding the right paint specialist is a difficult task; especially if you want to make sure that it’s done right the first time. In the San Antonio and Longhorn, TX areas, there are plenty of options for auto body paint shops; however, when it comes to a Mercedes, it deserves only the highest quality paintwork—any old auto body shop won’t do. Therefore, finding a Mercedes paint specialist is the only way to go. Unfortunately, many people head straight to the dealership to get the “best quality” paintwork done on their Mercedes; the only downside is that dealership costs can be astronomical, leaving a gaping hole where money used to be in your wallet. There are a number of reasons why you may need a paint specialist; for hiding barely visible scratches to full-blown repair work. If you are searching for a paint specialist for your Mercedes, here are some of the things you should be looking for.


Mercedes is a brand that other manufacturers continue to look up to, and owning one is a privilege. It might be that coming out to your car from the grocery store you noticed a huge gash down the side of your Mercedes. Shopping carts, other driver’s car doors, and small dents can happen to even the best of us, and no one is immune to car damage. Good quality auto bodywork is important in order to uphold the Mercedes brand and fix these issues, and chances are you didn’t get your Mercedes on the bargain lot. Not cheap to begin with, ongoing maintenance for a Mercedes can be a struggle to keep up with already, let alone adding body and paintwork to the bill. Finding a specialist that can keep the cost down without sacrificing the quality of work is key—you don’t want to spend your life’s savings on fixing up your paint job, but ignoring the issue will put a hobble in your step each time you see that scratch; a painful reminder that you need to find a good paint specialist.


A good paint specialist will have the necessary qualifications and training that is required for adequately servicing high-end brands like Mercedes; it takes an experienced professional to get the job done right the first time. Seamless perfection is what you should expect in your paint job, and shouldn’t settle for anything less, especially when it comes to Mercedes. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t always necessary to take your Mercedes straight to the dealership when you notice a scratch; there are other more-than-qualified specialists in the San Antonio and Longhorn, TX areas that can help you avoid those pricy dealerships without sacrificing quality. In fact, “dealership quality” is no longer the standard, but a misbelief; dealerships know that this common misconception will get customers to run scared into their shop at the sight of a scratch, fearing that another auto body shop might get it wrong. Unfortunately, dealerships don’t want you to know that they’re no different than other shops when it comes to expertise. Limiting your options to just the dealership backs you into a corner where you feel you have no other choices, but the truth is that you can find a more qualified paint specialist at a lower cost elsewhere.


Autobahn Automotive Service is a local dealership alternative that specializes in European imports, and can help with any Mercedes specialty needs you may have, including paintwork. We provide our clients with exceptional quality paintwork because we believe in the exceptional quality of vehicles like Mercedes-Benz. Located conveniently near the interstate in San Antonio, TX, we uphold the standards of luxury brands without the high cost that dealerships charge. For over 40 years we have been serving San Antonio and Longhorn residents; we have continued to maintain a strong clientele base because our philosophies on what excellent customer service entails hasn’t changed since the day we opened. If you are searching for a paint specialist for your Mercedes, or other European import, contact us to set up a consultation; we’ll be happy to help restore your vehicle to its former glory.

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