Automobiles have always been comprised of a complex system of parts that work together to allow it to function appropriately; this is especially true of vehicles today. Over time, the evolution of cars has progressed into the age of technology. The most advanced vehicle technology, as seen in high-end luxury automobiles and performance autos alike, allows drivers to experience technology in their everyday commutes. Mercedes-Benz is one of the top vehicle manufacturers in the country that employs the most recent technological advances in their automotive engineering and design. Although computers have existed in Mercedes automotive engineering for decades, vehicle functioning and performance is now reliant upon computers and technology more so than ever before. Therefore, just as it is necessary to update your computer at home in order for it to function at its best, Mercedes owners must also commit to updating their vehicle computer software too. It helps to understand why updating your Mercedes software is important, so here’s a little more information on how technology contributes to your vehicle’s functioning:


Most of us don’t realize how many of the systems in our vehicle are monitored or controlled with technology; just know that there are more than we can name! Of course the obvious software-controlled systems like radio controls, navigation, and temperature control have made their way into the digital age and need updates from time-to-time in order to function at their best. Beyond these obvious systems, you might be surprised to hear that your Mercedes relies on software to effectively manage emission controlspowertrain functions, and even safety systems like anti-lock brakes and airbags. Furthermore, vehicle manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz have encountered problems that have lead to other recall issues related to the vehicle’s computer and software. It is critical to stay abreast of any recalls related to your particular Mercedes, and you can do this by directly contacting your vehicle manufacturer.


The general public and the average Mercedes driver aren’t always notified of available software updates for their vehicles. Vehicle manufacturers have not quite nailed down a good system for notifying their customers about how and when to update software, but, as previously mentioned, occasionally manufacturer recalls are related to software updates. The cost of your software update will be dependent upon whether or not the parts affected are under warranty or not. Software updating is sometimes critical for safety reasons, as it may affect some systems in your Mercedes that could potentially cause an accident if unaddressed over a period of time. Therefore, it is essential for you to be in touch with your Mercedes manufacturer in order to remain current with software updates available—don’t wait for them to contact you, especially because manufacturers are notoriously not great at reaching out to their customers about software updates in general.


Current automotive technology is focusing on ways to prevent security breaches; yes, your car can be hacked. It began with key fob signals being interrupted or mimicked so that cars can be broken into relatively easily, without intrusive methods such as breaking windows. Now, hackers can utilize technology to interrupt vehicle software, allowing vehicle theft to become much easier, or even rendering the vehicle out of the drivers’ control. The potential for security breaches in automobiles is a relatively new development, and therefore much of the future software updates will likely involve malware protection. Mercedes drivers have not been greatly informed on how they can protect their vehicles from malware or hackers.


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