Owning a Mercedes is a luxury and a privilege. However, it takes constant care and maintenance to keep these machines running well. Mercedes in particular require specialized attention because they are different from all other vehicles on the market. The first priority to avoid problems with your Mercedes is to find a trustworthy, reliable, and affordableMercedes specialty automotive shop who can perform ongoing inspections and routine repair work. This can certainly help your Mercedes avoid issues, although despite our best effort problems can still arise.

One common problem among Mercedes drivers is issues with engine starting or turnover. When you get in your car in the morning to leave for work only to discover that your engine won’t start, it can be a huge inconvenience. Most Mercedes drivers utilize their cars for daily use, which can steadily take a toll on the engine and other various parts of the vehicle. The best thing you can do to prevent starting problems in your Mercedes is to have routine tune-ups and inspections. However, if you do encounter a starting problem in your Mercedes, it will be helpful to know a little bit about the signs of potential causes.


Starting problems rarely arise out of the blue; usually the car will exhibit other symptoms leading up to the starting issue. You may notice the car struggling to start a few times beforehand, or power feeling low overall. There are several possible culprits of the origin of starting problems, so it’s important to keep these various systems in good working condition through ongoing care, observation, and inspection.


Your Mercedes’ battery is meant to last up to a decade with proper care and maintenance. usually when your battery is inspected the technician will look at the connectors to make sure there is no corrosion or rust developing—this can lead to battery failure. Furthermore, if you live in a colder climate your battery might not be insulated well enough. You should have your battery inspected regularly, and purchase and install an insulation kit if necessary.


As the car’s motor runs, the alternator continually charges the battery. Needless to say, if the part that is designed to charge the battery isn’t working, then your battery won’t hold a charge strong enough to start the car. When your Mercedes won’t start, the battery and the alternator are typically the first two parts to check out. Some drivers purchase battery chargers if they plan on keeping their cars parked for extended periods of time. This can keep your battery well-charged and avoid starting problems after your Mercedes has remained undriven for a period of time.


In order for your engine to start, it requires the perfect combination and ratio of fuel to oxygen. If your Mercedes is experiencing starting problems, then there could be an issue with the combustion process, originating likely from the fuel system, particularly the fuel pump. Occasionally over time fuel pumps can become clogged with residue and buildup. when the fuel pump becomes clogged, it is unable to supply the engine with the correct amount of fuel needed for initial combustion (in order to start the engine). Having your fuel system and fuel pump inspected regularly can help keep your fuel economy functioning well and can help you avoid starting problems.


Problems with the starter motor can arise in any number of locations, and typically when something goes wrong with the starter, the starter fuse malfunctions. The problem could be attributed to the fuse itself, or it could be originating in the starter motor. Having a professional automotive shop run a comprehensive diagnostic procedure can help save you money in replacement fuses.

Here at Autobahn Automotive, serving San Antonio, and Longhorn, TX, we have always focused on preventive automotive care in our business approach. We believe that the best way to help our clients avoid costly repairs and the inconvenience of vehicle malfunctioning is to continue ongoing maintenance for their vehicles. Finding affordable, yet specialized automotive care for a Mercedes in the San Antonio, Longhorn areas can be quite challenging. At Autobahn Automotive, we offer the dealership-quality specialized care at a fraction of the price. If your Mercedes is encountering a starting problem, give us a call—we’d be happy to help you get your Benz back on the road.

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