Jaguar offers a higher level of services and functions within their vehicles than many others currently on the market. This applies to the non-functional control apps and system that now is available on newer models with enhanced tools and functions. Moreover, Jaguar owners can now link these features to their phone and access things like high-end entertainment, battery power, and more… whether they are in their car or not. Such tools are great, so long as they are working as to be expected. Otherwise, they are cause for concern.

Every day, vehicle owners get behind the wheel of their car expecting it to function properly. As a car owner, you trust that your engine will talk to the other components, will regulate your fuel, and respond to every input you provide. When this doesn’t happen it can be frightening. When your control apps and system in your Jaguar don’t function properly, you might be alarmed that there are larger issues at work in your vehicle.

Jaguar owners expect a certain level of proficiency and excellence in their vehicles, and when things don’t function the way they should it can be problematic not just for the vehicle owner but for any passengers.


Jaguar has non-functional control apps that allow you control over things like performance items, such as response time or utilization, capacity, maintainability, and serviceability. Through the touch screen in your vehicle, similar to a tablet, you can navigate accurately and be connected to things like your phone or in-car entertainment. All of this is thanks to the multi-core processor and the high-speed network that you get in your vehicle. Even if you have problems while driving, your vehicle you can make a call to assistance from the car. These remote features allow you to connect to your Jaguar through your smartphone from anywhere in the world.


One of the most advanced systems you can enjoy is the in-car entertainment. The navigation system will get you where you need to go, but the entertainment system will connect to your smartphone and apps so that you can use the touchscreen to get to whatever entertainment you want. The sound you hear is going to be clearer and more precise than ever. There are audio systems that you can control with the touch screen or your phone.

Everyone can connect inside the car with the remote Essentials. In fact, you can even control certain features in your Jaguar from a distance. You can use things like the secure tracker to protect your vehicle and always know where it is. With the driver assistance function, you can stay much safer while you are on the road, from the moment you leave to the moment you park your car. In fact, you can use the park assist function to minimize scratches or bumps especially when you are trying to park your jaguar in narrow, urban parking spaces. These features let you stay apprised of any hazards on the road, get alerts for incidents in your path, and even receive warnings if your personal level of concentration starts to diminish while you are behind the wheel.

When problems arise with the functionality of these systems it can be frustrating. You won’t be able to access information about your vehicle. You won’t be able to set controls from your phone or from within the car. You won’t be able to keep tabs on your vehicle if it’s no longer in your control. Obviously it is important that all of these seamless packages work well together, and if anything should go wrong they should be rectified immediately.


We understand that no matter how well you take care of your Jaguar, there can be issues. Here at Autobahn Automotive, we can appreciate the frustration associated with problems pertaining to your vehicle, especially the non-functional control apps and systems in your Jaguar. That is why our team of qualified professionals are here to lend a hand. We have experts certified in all components, internal and external, for Jaguars in particular. Regardless of the make or model, we can help.

If you are having trouble with non-functional control apps and systems or you just want to schedule regular maintenance, let us know. At Autobahn Automotive we can provide top notch Jaguar service to residents of San Antonio and Longhorn, TX.

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