Some people in San Antonio, TX or Longhorn, TX only use their car for functional purposes, such as going to and from work, picking up the kids, and hauling items. Others drive their car for fun—taking long, leisurely drives on country roads or along the coast. In either case, it can be unsafe when your car isn’t working properly. Costly automotive repairs are the last thing that you want to spend your money on, and routine automotive care and maintenance is one of the only ways to prevent your car from turning into an eventual money pit. Tune-ups are critical to the overall health and longevity of your car, and should be regularly performed at the proper intervals for your specific vehicle. Most car owner’s manuals contain details regarding the recommended schedule of services for that particular vehicle, and automotive repair shops generally base their services intervals on what the manufacturer recommends. It is important to know when you car may be ready for a tune-up so that you can avoid hefty repair bills in the future. Tune-ups generally include several services; it is helpful to understand the significance of such services so that in the future you will feel compelled to stay on top of your car’s routine maintenance schedule.


Tune-ups are an opportunity for your automotive specialist to look over your car’s engine in an attempt to address any lingering issues that could potentially be damaging to the rest of your vehicle or hinder its performance. In order to get the best gas mileage, the highest level performance, and keep your car around for years to come, it is best for your vehicle to be checked out every now and then by a professional service center. Spotting issues early on is critical; the more proactive your approach to your car problems, the less likely you are to run into car trouble while driving. A tune-up includes checking filters, fluids, spark plugs, belts and hoses, and often the ignition. Each of these components serves a crucial purpose to the overall functionality of your vehicle.


Checking your vehicle’s filters is important for several reasons, and each filter serves a different purpose. For instance, the cabin filter, which is located beneath the glove box generally, is what keeps the air that circulates inside the vehicle breathable and clean. It filters the smog and debris from the outside air as it is moving into the cabin of the vehicle. These filters become dirty and compacted with dust over time and must be replaced.


Another issue that a tune-up addresses is fluid level and cleanlinessMotor oil is critical to the efficiency of your engine; it must remain clean and free of fragments of metal, dirt, or debris at all times; the same goes for coolantradiator fluid, and transmission fluid. When you bring your car in for a tune-up, the automotive specialist will pay special attention to the quality of fluids in your car; you may need a transmission flush or other more costly repairs if these services are not performed regularly.


Tune-ups are also a great opportunity for your auto mechanic shop to look over your belts and hoses in your engine. Any cracks, signs of aging, or corrosion are important to address early; fluid leaks can result from faulty hoses and belts, even causing your engine to be rendered completely useless in the worst cases. If you notice any fluid on your driveway beneath your car, you should bring your car in for an inspection immediately. Tune-ups can help prevent hoses from unexpectedly rupturing or cracking, leaving you potentially on the side of the road overheating.


Tune-ups are essential in order for your car to remain reliable, which is why finding the right professionals to attend to your vehicle’s needs is imperative. When your car goes without a tune-up for a lengthy period of time, it can be detrimental to the functionality of the vehicle, but it can also leave you stranded without a mode of transportation—this could be momentary due to regular, reoccurring issues, or it could be a singular event that finally causes something to break that was on the verge all along. The professionals at Autobahn Automotive Service maintain a stellar reputation in the San Antonio and Longhorn, TX areas. The more often a trusted mechanic can inspect your vehicle, the better—it will allow you to feel safe and confident driving in your car for years to come. Stop by Autobahn Automotive Service for a tune-up and inspection; they will earn your trust and loyalty in one visit.

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