Who doesn’t love seeing a Mercedes on the road? They’re beautiful cars that pack a great deal of power. That’s why so many car enthusiasts around the world covet this German powerhouse. It’s the perfect mix of sheer luxury and stellar design. Drivers enjoy pushing the limits of these vehicles because they’re undeniably gorgeous and have an unmatched driving experience.

It’s no secret that the Benz isn’t for the average consumer. With prices well into the $100,000’s, this vehicle is built for those who crave luxury and design. Since individuals are paying so much for this vehicle, it’s unfortunate when common problems arise. If you’re a Benz owner or just an observing fan, it’s wise to understand the inner workings of this vehicle to gain a better understanding of its function. One of the foremost issues Benz dealers face is challenges with the front-end steering.


Your steering wheel is one of the most important aspects of vehicular control. One of the most common steering systems used is called rack and pinion. To gain an accurate understanding of where your wheels are, your front-end steering system must be able to communicate with the front wheels. When there is a disconnect between the tightness of the steering and the front wheels, disaster may ensue; thus, causing the control of your vehicle to virtually disappear.


When your steering wheel is loose, you can feel it between your hands. It makes your drive seem out of control and dangerous. If you begin to notice a looser hold, this may be a good indication that trouble lurks beneath the steering system.

Another sign is steering vibration. This may mimic the symptoms of needing an alignment or a tire rotation. Often times, this occurs when too much debris or oil is filling the steering system. These contaminants also contribute to general wear and tear of your vehicle’s parts.

Finally, if your steering wheel starts to slip as you’re driving, specifically during turning, this is a clear sign of trouble. It’s also extremely dangerous, as it compromises how much control you have over your vehicle.


If your front-end steering system is loose, there could be a number of contributing factors involved. Let’s consider a couple:

  • Overly Used Tie Rods: Your tie rods are like the bridge that connects steering and tires. After extended use or physical damage, these rods can become worn. Unfortunately, this results in loose front-end steering.
  • Ball Joint Damage: This tiny piece is found within the hubs of your wheels. Over time, it can become worn and cause undue issues with the front-end steering, specifically, a loose handle.


Unlike other minor problems, this important issue shouldn’t be ignored. Since these impacts how much control you have over the vehicle, getting it checked out by a trained mechanic is imperative to your safety as well as those on the road.

In addition, engaging in preventive maintenance is key, especially in high-maintenance vehicles like the Mercedes. It’s best to get your car serviced on a consistent basis. This allows your mechanic to spot possible areas of concern before they worsen.

Finally, watching how you drive your car is another way to keep it in good condition. Of course, you can’t avoid every bump in the road. However, since a majority of these complications are due to general wear, it’s important to take this seriously.

Don’t push your vehicle beyond its capabilities to avoid unnecessary complications.


When you own a Mercedes, you must have a reliable team of experts on your side. Working with a mechanic who understands Mercedes Benz models is best way to get the service you deserve. The automotive experts of Autobahn Automotive serve the San Antonio and Longhorn, TX areas. We understand how to successfully repair your Mercedes so you can get back on the road.

With our team, you never have to worry about being pressured to purchase unnecessary services or repairs. We take pride in delivering honest and transparent services that have your needs in mind. If you’re experiencing issues with your front-steering, don’t wait! Bring your car in for an immediate service.

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