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Hybrid Repair

When purchasing a hybrid car one of the biggest goals most buyers have is to save money with a more economical vehicle. Of course the maintenance your car receives will also play a large part in how much you save on things like repairs and damages. Following the manufacturers maintenance routine is essential for all cars, but because of the specialty nature of hybrid cars you want a service mechanic that you can trust. Rather than just go straight to the dealership however where prices are high and the quality of the work can be suspect at times, finding a trustworthy mechanic can go a long way towards properly caring for your car.

The specialists at Autobahn Automotive have made finding competitive and quality Hybrid car repair as convenient as possible. By eliminating the hassles of dealership visits like long wait times and hidden expenses we are able to provide a more customer friendly experience. In addition to the typical maintenance we provide such as tire rotations and internal computer service,

we are the San Antonio area’s leader in battery repairs. Whether your car is completely hybrid or a partial hybrid it is crucial to take care of your car’s battery. At Autobahn Automotive we can repair your car’s damaged or malfunctioning battery pack at less of a cost than buying a completely new battery. Led by our ASE certified technician Manssor Daneshmand, an experienced Hybrid technician and former owner and lead tech of Mercedes’s Place Service Center, all of our staff understands what your car needs to keep running properly.

A damaged or leaking battery can cause fits and drastically affect your car’s function and performance while also putting you in a dangerous situation. Our specialists will not only determine the cause of the issue in no time but by using top quality tools and equipment we make sure that any repair is done fast and right the first time. With more accurate service than a dealership we help rid you of the expensive repeat visits that can come with relying on the dealerships for all of your maintenance needs.


For years Autobahn Automotive have remained the choice Hybrid car service and repair center for drivers from San Antonio, TX as well as the Garden Ridge and Alamo Heights. With superior service and a reputation for customer service, call us today to speak with one of our specialists and to schedule a service appointment for your Hybrid car.

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