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Mini Crankshaft
  • Reasons Behind Crank Seal Oil Leak in MINI

    Posted on February 21, 2018 | By Greg Phillips

    One of the most recognized vehicle brands worldwide is the Mini Cooper, or MINI as we’ve come to know it. Mini’s are fantastic, fun, well-engineered, and sturdy little beasts that have a loyal and dedicated global following. As a significant part of automobile history, the Mini Cooper has a certain nostalgia and historical significance attached to it. Of course, beyond nostalgia and history, the MINI design has been perfected over the years to achieve some of the highest levels in standards of performance and endurance in the automotive industry. Mini Coopers are driven by a wide range of individuals, and are highly utilized in the racing industry for their malleability and small stature. Unfortunately, when you experience failing parts or concerning symptoms that indicate an issue with your MINI, you might feel a bit disheartened.

    One such issue that is common for MINI drivers to experience is an oil leak due to a failing crank seal. The crank seal, or crankshaft, in a Mini Cooper is not very different from that of other vehicles on the market today, but they require their own special level of care and maintenance that should be carried out by a MINI expert. Here is a bit more information on oil leaks in association with crank seal issues.

    What is a Crank Seal?

    A crank seal is often made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with a malleable elastomer material sealing edge, which over time can become easily damaged or corroded. It ultimately keeps debris out of the motor so that your engine oil and bearings can remain free of dust and dirt, which can further corrode and damage other parts of your engine. Without this piece properly functioning, it can also cause a pretty substantial oil leak.

    Conditions that Compromise Your MINI’s Crank Seal

    Crankshaft seals can be severely compromised by several factors. First, the typical weather conditions that your car is exposed to can take a toll on the elasticity and condition of the seal. Exposure to frequent high and low temperatures over the course of years will cause the material to decompose. Second, Mini Coopers with higher mileage are also more susceptible to crankshaft seal failure.

    Why an Oil Leak Could Indicate that the Crank Seal is Failing

    Oil leaks are one of the most frequent telltale signs of crank seal failure. Of course, an oil leak can occur due to several different issues; however, oil leaks are most commonly associated with a crankshaft seal problem. You may not notice the oil leak right away, as the problem could be slowly progressing. Ongoing maintenance and inspections for your MINI is critical to extend its life and ensure its performance.

    The Importance of an Accurate Diagnosis

    Since oil leaks are commonly caused by several issues, it’s easy to misdiagnose them—especially if the technician is not highly experienced in working with Mini Coopers. The most important quality of vehicle repair work is accuracy, and your MINI deserves the best. Look for a Mini Cooper professional in your area who offers affordable prices and has an extensive background in German-engineered vehicles.

    The Cost of Crank Seal Replacement

    No matter the cost, if your MINI’s engine is leaking oil due to a malfunctioning crank seal, the issue must be fixed soon. While you may be able to drive your car with a small oil leak, it’s likely that leaking oil over time will become more of a burden as the problem worsens. The cost of a crank seal replacement ranges, depending on the type of MINI you drive; some may spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to upwards of one thousand.

    Mini Vehicles in a Row

    How We Can Help

    At Autobahn Automotive, we offer the residents of San Antonio and Longhorn, TX, specialized care for Mini Coopers and other European import vehicles at a fraction of the cost of nearby dealerships. For more than 40 years, the German-engineering experts at Autobahn Automotive have dedicated themselves to providing quality repair work at affordable rates. We continue to educate ourselves and our clients about current automotive practice and knowledge. If you would like to learn more about your MINI, or think you may be experiencing an engine oil leak, please contact us directly to schedule an inspection.

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