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No vehicle can function at a high level without regular oil changes to preserve the engine health and maintain performance. One of the worst issues a driver can face no matter what they drive is the dreaded check engine light. There are a million things that can cause it to turn on and getting it to turn off can range from inexpensive to extremely costly depending on the severity. One common cause is related to extremely low oil levels and older oil consistently being used by your engine. While any service center can change your car’s oil, if you own a European-made import you know the quality of service even in a routine oil change can have a lasting impact.

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How Clean Oil Helps Your Engine

A routine oil change will replace the old, dirty oil with fresh oil that is free of debris and additives. As these additives and dirt build it can lead to inefficient engine performance and makes your engine work harder and burn more oil than necessary. That is why at Autobahn Automotive we make sure to use the highest quality replacement filters and oil in line with your vehicle’s specifications. This way you are assured dealership quality service no matter what you drive.

Our technicians proudly service the most popular models of luxury car including:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Jaguar
  • Mercedes
  • MINI
  • Porsche
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo
  • Hybrid Vehicles


No matter what you drive our specialists have the tools and experience needed to provide the quality service you expect.


Common Check Engine Light Causes

In addition to dirty, old oil there could be a number of reasons your check engine light won’t turn off and our staff has the proper equipment to accurately find the issue. Anything from:

  • Loose/broken O2 sensor
  • Loose gas cap
  • Spark plug issues
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Airflow sensor failure

All of these issues vary in severity and in cost though our specialists make sure to make the necessary repairs as cost effective as possible.


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If your European-made car is having check engine light problems or you can’t remember when you last had an oil change please call us today. Our friendly staff is here to make sure that your car gets the maintenance it needs to continue offering the superior driving experience you expect.

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